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Physique des hautes énergies

Antonio Amariti

Antonio Amariti joined the Institute in the autumn 2012. He had obtained his PhD in 2009 in Milan and had done a first postdoc at UCSD. He has worked on a vari- ety of subjects since he joined (...)

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Domenico Orlando

Domenico Orlando came to the Institute in the fall of 2013. He had obtained his PhD in 2006 in Paris and had done postdocs in Milan, Tokyo and at CERN. His research [8] - [11] has mostly focussed (...)

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Matti Jarvinen

Matti Järvinen came to the Institute in October 2014. He had earned his PhD in 2007 in Helsinki and had done postdocs at the University of southern Danmark and at the University of Crete. During (...)

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Denis Bashkirov

Denis Bashkirov joined the Institute in October 2015. He got his PhD in 2012 from Caltech and did a first postdoc at the Perimeter Institute. He works on conformal bootstarp methods and (...)

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Tin Sulejmanpasic

Tin Sulejmanpasic joined the Institute in 2016. He obtained his PhD at Regensburg University, and had done a first postdoc at North Carolina State University. His main interests are in (...)

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Apratim Kaviraj

Apratim Kaviraj joined the institute in October, 2017. He received his PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (2013-2017). His current research involves Quantum Field Theories at or near (...)

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Bruno Le Floch

Bruno Le Floch joined the Institute in autumn 2018 after a postdoc at Princeton University. He obtained his PhD from the École Normale Supérieure (Paris) in 2015 with research done partly in (...)

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