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Marko Medenjak

par Marc-Thierry Jaekel - publié le

Marko Medenjak joined the institute in 2018. He obtained his PhD at University of Ljubljana in the same year. He was interested in the construction of quasilocal conservation laws and the effect they have on equilibration and transport. His main interests currently revolve around the out-of-equilibrium behavior of one dimensional quantum and classical systems.

One of the questions that he is working on, are the microscopic origins of different types of transport behavior. These can range from insulating to ideally conducting, and have recently been subjected to the intense study in integrable systems in the context of the generalized hydrodynamics. In particular, with collaborators he proposed a lower bound on diffusion constant, which they subsequently used to prove the super-diffusive behavior for numerous one dimensional systems.

Another question that Marko is interested in, is the transition from integrable to non-integrable quantum systems and the distinction between these two cases. With collaborators they recently put forward the conjecture that the distinction is provided by the growth of the operator entanglement of a local observable, which corresponds to the amount of the entanglement that is created in the system by a local perturbation.

Finally, Marko is also interested in exact solvability of interacting systems, which goes beyond the standard framework of integrability. Using the tensor network methods it is possible to obtain a full time evolution for certain interacting models that are discrete in space and time. This enables rigorous calculations of physical properties of these models.